Brainstorming: Video

This next project we are working on in class is giving me more trouble than the last two when trying to come up with an idea. I really liked the way my podcast went and what it portrayed, but I still want to come up with something new for this assignment.

  1. What do you hope to focus on for your video? What story will you tell?
    1. For this assignment I am hoping to focus on personal stories of some people I know whose parents have gone through a divorce. I want my story to tell that, even though divorce is hard on children, they still can thrive and be successful in spite of it. This way I can end my focal topic on a more positive note!
  2. What genre do you hope to follow in your video (documentary, vlog, viral video, PSA, etc.)?
    1. I think my video will probably be more “documentary” like. Beginning with statistics and outcomes of divorce, and then going into personal stories. I will act as a narrator and overall voice during the video.
  3. Will you be using any sources? If so, what initial sources do you need?
    1. My sources will be my friends and also probably my textbook from my developmental psychology class. I may also look online for ideas and topics to focus on.
  4. What logistics do you need to set up to complete your video? What is your projected production timeline?
    1. First I need to see if any of my friends would be interested in helping me out for this project. If they are, I need to have a rough script ready with places where they come in. Then I will need to schedule time with them to film them and work with them.
Brainstorming: Video