Storytelling Building Blocks

What story are you telling about your focal topic in your visual design project? In your answer, explain how you are going to incorporate the building blocks of good storytelling through visualsThink about how your story will use these building blocks to make rhetorical appeals to your audience (logos, pathos, ethos, kairos).

Story: The story that I’m trying to tell through my visual design project about my focal topic, divorce, is that it happens commonly and often impacts a child who is torn between these two people. Also, the house that used to be a safe loving place is now dark and full of heartbreaking confusion, in some cases. I also wanted to offer a light of hope, at the end, after this sad story in saying that these couples can seek marital education programs that could help them mend their marriage.
Building blocks to incorporate:
1. Ordered sequence – In my info graphic, looking at it top to bottom leads you through the design. First, having a “sad” house leads to divorce, which leads to additions to the statistics presented in the chart at the bottom. This series of events seems to be logical, making it an appeal to logos.
2.  Evoking wonder – I think my infographic evokes wonder through making the audience ask questions, such as: why are there so many divorces in the United States? How can marriage counseling help? How do we go about helping this child stuck in the middle? Although these may not evoke a “positive” sense of wonder, it is wonder nonetheless (pathos).
3. Reasons to care – The reasons to care about this topic may seem obvious to the reader, clearly divorce impacts many people emotionally and psychological. It may also affect their socioeconomic status. But, my infographic helps to reinforce these ideas by depicting a child (youthful yellow) in between two adults (who are blue for loneliness and isolation). It also shows, through the graph that this is a common problem and therefore deserves significant attention (logos).
4. Making audience work for their meal – In my infographic the audience has to interpret graph (ethos) and infer what a house with cloud and heart break symbol represents (pathos).
Storytelling Building Blocks

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