Visualize This – Yau Response

Option C: Storytelling plays a vital role in the presentation of information, if done effectively and ethically, according to Yau. As you think about your own visual design project, what story would you like to tell about your focal topic for your audience? How might you design this project? What information may be useful and what is the most effective way to present it? How do you hope to make this story compelling through visuals?

Yau’s Introduction and First Chapter of his book were both informative and fun to read. One aspect of his writing that I found especially intriguing was his point that we need to let our brains find the pattern and trends in data presented to us. This was an important note for me as I begin to think about and plan out my infographic. I want my design to tell an obvious story through the visual designs before one even reads the text. This makes it more pleasing to the viewer and easier to understand. I want to incorporate wedding rings, parents and a child in between them, and a graph about the historical trends of divorce. This, and the colors I choose, will help to represent what my topic is about: divorce. Another thing the author said was that these visuals do not always have to be graphs but can also be art that taps into our emotions. Since my focal topic is divorce, this is definitely pertinent to my topic. My hope is that the parent and child aspect of the design will do this, evoking sympathy. Another point that Yau has is that how it is presented is the determining factor if people are going to remember it or not. Obviously, I want my information to be memorable and therefore I must pay attention to the visual design just as much as the text itself. By incorporating pathos through emotional images I hope to make it impactful. 

Visualize This – Yau Response

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