FDR’s First Inaugural Address

Progressive Elements: favoring progress, change, improvements, going forward, passing from one member of a series to the next. 

  • Quotes:
    • “This great Nation will endure, as it has endured, will revive and will prosper.”
      • Progression of USA away from the Great Depression
    • “Recognition of that falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit…”
      • Progression of the American citizens beliefs from one idea to another
    • “There are many ways in which it can be helped, but it can never be helped by merely talking about it. We must act. We must act quickly.”
      • Progression in that it signals a change from only talking about it to actually acting in ways to make it better
    • “It is the way to recovery.”
      • His ideas are progression for the country in themselves.
  • Progression of ideas in a chronological way… FDR first presents the issue, then how/why it happened, then discusses solutions for the future

Repetitive Elements: doing, saying, or writing something again; reiteration

  • Word “failure” is repeated a lot at the beginning mostly – emphasis on the current conditions and how bad they are, thus helping to prove the importance of moving away from this through his solutions
  • In one paragraph “It can be helped…” is repeated several times, reassuring the audience that this issue will not remain around forever and that there is hope for the future
  • “My friends” is how he constantly addresses the audience, pressing it into their minds that”we are all in this together” and that they have a familiarity with each other
FDR’s First Inaugural Address

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